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This section is such a vast field it would require and deserves a web site on of its own just to cover the basics. The gbdsbsc have a informative web site which is well worth a visits ( see our links page ) and the information below.

News: January 2006 : The GB DSB SC  joined with the BDSSC to become the MBPC (Modern British Philatelic Circle.  See Machin News

As already stated elsewhere, numerous stamps originate from booklet panes. These can be from counter books, vended books, retail or even the collectors prestige books.

Harrisons were the sole printers prior to 1988, when Walsall and Questa panes started to appear, these were the first litho stamps to be released in booklet form except for the occasional pane from a prestige book.

For those of you that are interested in booklets as a whole it could be worth considering joining this specialist society , it is a non profit making organization that has studied this topic for 30 years.

For individual stamps with short, notched or missing phosphors from booklet panes see phosphor variations

More information on booklets and panes can be found in the Machin Shop Section of this site.

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