Commemorative Booklet Panes

Not exactly a miniature sheet, so we have given these a section of their own.

 These particular panes have 4 x 1st class stamps and a commemorative label pane attached. The first issued in 1994 was printed by Questa, and depicted the 300th anniversary of the bank of England. (these were also sold in folded booklets)


These proved to be popular with collectors,  several others were released over the next few years. The printing of these were transferred to Walsall, some of the subjects depicted were the Queens 70th birthday, the Commonwealth games, and believe it or not Postman Pat and his black / white cat.

 All the early panes contained the C phosphor (AY) compound and were printed on OFNP/PVA gum with elliptical perforations.

Later panes containing Millennium Machins have a blue fluor.    

066 Bank of England Pane
067 Postman Pat pane
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