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Douglas G.M.Myall.

A name that is synonymous with collectors of Machin stamps, I would go to far as to say that he has done more to put Machins on the map than any other author. His studies and publications are without doubt the most comprehensive that I have read. i will also go as far to say that The complete Deegam handbook on CD is a must for any serious Machin collector.

The handbook is always kept up-to-date by Deegam Reports. These are available to Handbook owners free online. They are also available free from selected stamp clubs. If its Machin orientated then the Deegam CD Handbook is where you will find it. Douglas is always grateful for new reports for inclusion, All booklet panes and their DP numbers are mentioned, along with a diagram of the pane and also the layout of the phosphor bands (where applicable).

The Deegam Notations

If you already own a copy of the Deegam handbook, or have read a copy of a Deegam report, you will be familiar with these.

Douglas was a founding member of the BDSSC and the GB DSB SC, now the MBPC., for whom he devised their catalogue systems. He also devised several techniques for the identification of single Machin stamps, including
head and value types and settings and his SIN
(short, inset and notched) system for phosphor bars.

His notations are used worldwide by collectors, clubs, dealers and other catalogue publishers,  including
Connoisseur, Stoneham and Michel. If you are a private collector his Deegam Profiles are a great way to write up ones collection. These stamp-sized bits of paper include all the attributes which make a single stamp unique and have graphic representations of the perforations and phosphor overprints.

The new award winning Handbook has been described as the Machin Encyclopedia. It plus the profiles provide a complete system for beginner, intermediate and specialist collectors. This is one piece of software specialist Machin collectors MUST have on their wants list. Many months in development; beta-tested by experts; suitable for Windows or Mac PCs.

The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook has already won several gold medals and many other major awards since the first edition was published in 1993. The 3rd edition (2003) was runner-up for the 2004 Rowland Hill award for research. It has been called "The Machin Encyclopedia".


The current release covers all stamp issues and discoveries up to date and even covers the new rate releases for April 1st 2006. There is new advance information about rate applicable for the planned prices in proportion due on August 21st .   

The CD -ROM consists of a set of files in Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document file) format. Making full use of Acrobat's file navigation abilities, containing many hundreds of Bookmarks and many thousands of Links.

It can be viewed with Adobe Reader, supplied on the disc for Windows and Mac-OS computers. Unlike the printed version all file images are in colour. All the files are printable.

This CD is quite unlike any other catalogue or handbook, even those that are already on CD. It is absolutely loaded with navigable features. For example, every entry in the catalogue list is only a mouse click away from an illustration of its source.


Links also work the other way - click on any value in an illustration of a se-tenant pane and go instantly to its place in the list. Every entry in a comprehensive subject index is a link to its place in the 13 chapters and 14 appendixes. Every cross-reference is a link and you can get back to where you were with a single click.

The CD contains:

1. In the Adobe folder; installable copies of Adobe Reader 6 for Windows and Mac-OS. These let you view the Handbook pages just as they were created.

2. In the Deegam folder; the file Tutorial.pdf. This introduces Adobe Reader and demonstrates how to configure it and use it to view the contents of the CD. It shows you where all the links are.

3. Also in the Deegam folder. The file Deegam.icl. This is an icon file containing 24 specially created icons for Windows users who copy the CD to their C drive for faster performance and want a desktop shortcut.

4. In the Deegam\Handbook folder. The file HB-Start.pdf. This is the portal to every page of every file on the CD. If you get lost while browsing from link to link as you explore the Handbook you can always get back to the HB-Start file with just two mouse clicks.

5. In the Deegam Reports folder. The very latest Deegam Report. The contents have been included in the main files but this will let you see what a DGR looks like. All new reports are free to registered users and are sent out by e-mail. See below re getting future Reports free.

6. In the Deegam\Profiles folder. The file Machins.pdf. Deegam Profiles are a way of writing up a Machin collection professionally. There are many pages, comprising over 8,500 Deegam Profiles for Machin singles. They are printable and the phosphor overprints are shown in colour.

7. The Handbook is updated every 2-3 months by Deegam Reports. These are in colour and printable. They contain their own bookmarks and links to the CD files. The contents of each Report are incorporated into the master CD files on Douglasís computer. Every CD is burned to order so it will always be the latest version possible. The CD is the only major Machin work that is always up-to-date when you buy it.

You also get a personal reference number (this is not a password and it does not interfere with your use of the disc). If you e-mail this back to him you will get FREE updates by e-mail every 2-3 months. These have their own bookmarks and links to the CD files.

The CD is obtainable only to individual order and only from: the Author .

D. G. A. Myall, 2 Elizabeth Avenue, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 5BA, U. K

Tel: 01308-425399



The current price is STILL only £39, including p&p to any address in the world (overseas by airmail). You can pay by sterling cheque, Pay Pal , cash $US75 or Euros 60.

I have used this CD and have seen copies of the pdf Deegam Reports and rate this work very highly. I give it the maximum amount of stars, 5 +. If you are still not convinced that this is the best thing since sliced bread, you may also E-mail Douglas at the above address for a for a sample Deegam Report in pdf format prior to ordering. Now beat that for value.

PLEASE NOTE In order to keep the costs to a minimum ,  Douglas does not accept other currencies, credit cards or foreign cheques; please use his personal Pay Pal address instead. A buy it now button to Douglasís Pay Pal account has been placed on the right for ease of ordering.

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