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Topic A: Phosphors Perforations & Gums

Question 1:  What is the difference between PVA and PVAD gum ?

Answer: The main differences are, PVA is a white to creamy gum, DEX on the other hand has a blue green additive (dextrin) this helps to distinguish between the two. See the section on  Types of gum.

Question 2:  I am confused with elliptical perforations, Type 1, Type 2 Type R, and Type S., What is the difference? How can I tell them apart?

Answer: Not as tricky as it sounds. Type 1 or Type 2 are actually the equivalent of type R and type S.  R is said to resemble a Rugby ball and type S  resembling a Sausage or a cigar shape. The best way way to distinguish these is in the form of a block or pane. The ellipse shapes are easier to see. Single stamps may need a little more study, perhaps even the help of a magnifying glass, (see perforations) with a little practice this becomes quite easy.

Question 3:  What are inset bands?

Answer: See phosphor variations, bands can be inset left, inset right, or both left and right together. All are catalogued as single stamps and all are collectable

Topic B: Colours & Shades

Question 1:  recently I came across a £1 recess printed stamp which is a blue-grey in colour, I have checked several catalogues but cannot find this shade listed (only Black). Is this a scarce printing?

Answer: Sorry to disappoint you, beware when purchasing these, although this is a nice variation to a collection, this is a stamp that has been stored in a PVC wallet. Over a period of time the agent in the PVC fades the colour on this issue. It is our recommendation that no one stores stamps in plastic sleeves or wallets as it will over a period of time degrade, this will make the item worth less, rather than increase in value.

Topic C:  Specialised Material


Question 1:  Why are these stamps called Machins

Answer:  We have been asked this question numerous times, so a page has been produced on the site just to answer this specific query. Click on Machin design, this will give you a informative answer.

Question 2:  Where can I obtain quality specialised Machins ?

Answer: there are many sites on the Internet that sell Machins, however if you are looking for quality booklets, cylinder blocks or miniature sheets  Look no further, visit our online shop for superb products , or alternatively just e-mail your requirements, if they are in stock and you are happy with the price they are yours.

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