Machin Forgeries

Although these are housed in many collections, and are regularly seen for sale on eBay auction sites, they are illegal.

The following is a extract from the PTS news. It is illegal to own these stamps, there is a misconception that just because there is no intention to use these stamps, or they are already used that it is OK to do so.

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Another forgery was produced in 1989, this was that of the  second class blue sold in booklets. In 1997 further 1st class gold stamps were discovered these eventually came on to the collectors market via dealers and auction sites.

In 2005, it was reported that forged self-adhesive booklets of 12 gold first-class Machins had been found. Again eventually turning up and selling on online auction sites in complete booklets and singles. These made a small fortune for some,  it was mostly stamp dealers selling them to collectors.

There is always someone trying to make a fast buck who will alter genuine stamps and try to pass them off as errors, these are also known as forgeries. The latest scam, someone was trying to pass off used security stamps with four slits (instead of the usual 2). Do not be fooled into buying these, they were never issued, but manufactured with the intent to deceive.

Lastly you should however be beware before obtaining forged stamps, there is a paragraph in the 1981 counterfeiting and forgeries act that actually states " knowingly having them in your possession without lawful authority is in its self a criminal offence". There is a possibility of collectors and dealers getting prosecuted, the maximum punishment is two years in the slammer.  

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