Heads & Values

Several Head types have been catalogued to date, the main two are heads A & B .

Both types, head Type A and head Type B were used on pre decimal and decimal issues, the heads differ in the fact that the base is flat on head A and more rounded on head B, these are subdivided again as B1 & B2. The latter the value is set nearer to the bottom margin.

Various other heads types and settings are listed in specialist catalogues, but to avoid confusion they  have not been  listed  here.

011 012

Head A: 8d red  flat base:  Head B: 8d turquoise  rounder base 

The 1st class Millennium Machin Head is actually based from head B although the base of the stamp cannot be seen. These olive brown stamps are set on a white background without margins. The stamps are the same size the portrait is of a larger scale but the design runs right up to the top and bottom edges of the perforations to varying degrees. The actual settings differ from printer to printer.  More information on the Millennium Machin.

Value types (A quick rundown)

Types of value are classified into different categories, these are either thick value or or thin value, both value settings can be set normal, or left, set to the right, or set up or down. When referring to value types we use the terms R, L, U, or D. Although this may seem a little complex many variations do exist. This is something the beginner can come to terms with at a later date.

We will try to improve on this chapter in the near future, but in the mean time as a reference guide it is suggested one reads a copy of The Connoisseur book of Machin Stamps or the
Deegam Machin Handbook, here they are explained in detail along with illustrations galore.


 Millennium Machin

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