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This club exists for the in-depth study of all GB Decimal Stamp Books and they welcome new members. The Circle offers a complete and comprehensive study with coverage of all aspects of modern GB. Members freely share their accumulated knowledge and they come from all walks of life. The Modern British Philatelic Circle.

The Internet Philatelic Dealers Association.  Well worth a visit if you sell stamps online.

We recommend a visit our sister site Machin Mania.blogspot


Larry Rosenblum is a Machin specialist and provides a wealth of knowledge, News, information, links, and fun for collectors of Great Britain stamps and related material. This is also the home of the Great Britain Collectors Club web site.  The search engine for stamp collectors! 19386 stamp-related web pages from all around the world into one search engine, designed and optimized for stamp collectors. A network of Card, Coin and Stamp Dealers on the web. They currently have more than 150+ dealers to choose from.

British Thematics The British Thematic Association was founded in 1984 with the objective, to promote, encourage and assist the development of thematic philately.

UK Philately A comprehensive listing of specialist societies within the United Kingdom, well worth a visit.

Peters Stamps: Excellent pages full of British stamps, including those from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man a must to visit

Machins Down Under The Machin Interest Group of the Philatelic Society of Canberra comprises a group of devoted collectors who have acquired the Machin bug and wish to spread it around.

Visit my Ebay Machin sales page. There is always something of interest for the beginner, medium collector and specialist

Bob Hunts home page: See Bobs pages on Great Britain's Machin stamps with a checklist

Arnold Machins Obituary   ARNOLD MACHIN, the sculptor who died aged 87, he designed the portrait of the Queen which has appeared on postage stamps since 1967.  Rare stamps and philatelic covers for sale and also includes philately information for stamp and postal history collectors.

American Philatelic Society : International non profit society for stamp collectors

Denis Stevens Specialised QEII Definitive issues . Many thanks to Denis for permission to show certain images from his excellent website.


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