Machin Quiz

Test Your Yourself, Just for Fun

I devised this Prize quiz and it ran in conjunction with 3 online groups The All Nations Stamp Club, Stamps of Great Britain and The Virtual Stamp Club during June 2007.

1/  What is the size (in inches) is the famous Arnold Machin Plaster cast effigy of HM ?

1A/  Where is the original plaster cast of the Machin effigy kept?

1B/  (Bonus question 2 points) How much in (£s) pounds sterling was Machin paid for his commission for designing and creating the effigy? (To the nearest £50)

2/  Which Denomination was changed from red to the colour of eggshell blue?2A/Why was the above colour change needed?

2B/  (bonus question 2 points) Other than the colour change there was another major difference to the design of this stamp , what was this?

2C/  How many colours were used (Pre decimal & decimal) before Jeffrey Matthew’s designed his new palate in 1988?

3/  What does PPP stand for in Machin terminology?

3A  What does the terminology EEH stand for?

4/In what year were Machin stamps first issued with a discount star overprint on the gum?

4A/  What were the values of the (first two) starred gum Machin stamps?5/What was the value of the first Machin stamp with (A2 or C2 phosphor) which had an afterglow?

Which company printed the this first Machin stamp (above) with the afterglow?

6/  Most Machins are perforated 13½ x 14, 15 x 14 or 14 x 14. Which issue was perforated 12 x 12?

6A/ Which printing company perforated certain stamps 13 x 13 in error?

7/  Who designed the Millennium Machin stamps?

7A/  Name 3 different printers of the above Millennium Machin stamps?

8/  Which company printed the first commemorative label panes of 4 x 1st class?

8A/  What did the Commemoration of the above first pane represent?

8A/  Several Commemorative panes followed in the footsteps of the above, other than the themes of the commemoration labels what was the main difference to the make up of the second issue compared to the first pane?

9/  With the issue of the new Ruby £1 how many basic (different) Machins are there to collect. (to the nearest 5)

10/  Four new Machin sheet stamps were printed in 1993 on Optical Free Phosphor Paper name three of the 4 values, what were the denominations of these ?

10A Bonus Question (2 points) Other than the 4 denominations above and EXCLUDING the Readers Digest strip and Matthew’s Stamp show 2000 Miniature sheet, name one other Machin printed with OFPP

11/  In what year was the £1 value on high values changed from the script type to that of a more modern block type

11A  Who was employed by Royal Mail (name of printers) to who printed the above Machin £1 stamps?

11B/  Two basic types of paper are known for the printings of the £1 stamps above with Block script, what are they?

12/  How many single stamps did the second box dispenser of self adhesive coil stamps contain?

12A  What was the difference between the Format of stamps from the first dispenser Box and the second?.

12B  Which company printed the stamps in questions 12 and 12B?

13/  Deegam is the acronym of D.G.A M. What do these initials stand for? (add 1 extra point for all four names)

14/  4 new PiP Machin stamps were introduced this year 2007, what does PiP stand for?

15/  (just for fun this one). How much longer will the Machin design rein?

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