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2004 - Postal Rate Increase

The 1p rise on 2nd class rate will go ahead in April 2004, five new definitives will be issued as make up values.

Information from the March issue of the Philatelic Bulletin informs us, they will consist of , 7p (from 2nd to 1st), 35p (2nd weight stage), 39p (surface post card rate), 40p European basic letter rate), 43p (airmail postcard rate). Also do not be suprised to see a re-appearence of the 20p lime green with 2 phosphor bands, it has been announced that this will be returned to general sale.

De La Rue sheet printings

New sheet printings have been issued from De La Rue, stamps affected so far are 20p 2 band. A 33p 2 band and 41p 2 band, the 20p stamps were previously printed by Harrisons & son. What is also interesting is that the cylinder blocks are of a different design. This could be a short print run when tariff changes go ahead.

These stamp still show the De La Rue logo but the text is smaller than the original issue, also the cylinder numbers begin with the letter D. Another factor is that the phosphor bands do not overlap into the margins, a completely new single stamp. It may be a idea to look out for inset bands on this issue, even a slight sideways shift will produce these.

The stamps listed above have now been released, unexpected, is the fact that they have been printed with three different cylinders. All except the 20p have been found from the D1 pD1 No Dot cylinders The 20p being from D1 pD2. It has been noted that there is a shortage of D1 pD1 Dot cylinder blocks on this print run, except for the 7p value, none have been found up to this time. No reason has been forthcoming for this.

A 2nd printing of all values except for 7p & 20p have been found from D2 pD2, the Dot blocks are freely available from this print run.

New light has been shed on this subject. Values 20p, 35p 39p, 40p and 43p with D1 (D2 20p) cylinder marking are proving to be a good investment for those who were able to get them, after only one week on sale at certain post offices, a new cylinder was issued with cylinder D2.

It turns out that De La Rue ran out of paper after printing the new 7p value, to ensure that post offices received a supply of the new issues, emergency paper stocks were transferred from Enshede of Holland to Byfleet in order to complete a print run.

This was of the earlier Harrison paper with a weak fluorescent coating (dull) and creamy PVA gum. The paper supply was narrower than the norm and only half sheets could be printed, because of this problem only a short print run was ordered. New stocks of the intermediate (brighter) fluor paper with blue tinted gum arrived a few days later. A second print run with the new cyinders (D2 & D3 for the 20p ) was then completed and issued accordingly.


A new booklet consisting of 4 x None Value Indicated stamps is be issued on 11th May 2004 (airmail postcard rate) on the 1st April. The book will cost £1.72 (4 x 43p). The stamps will be die cut self adhesive and be printed in red, ultramarine and grey. They will also carry airmail chevrons.

Byfleet  Printings  Intermediate Paper.

At long last the MCC have accepted that there are 3 types of paper that originate from the Byfleet printings. Dull, intermediate and bright papers have been reported on certain printings.

All Machin stamps on the intermediate paper will now have a separate listing in the new MCC catalogue.

New finds

Byfleet Machin 50p intermediate paper-tinted gum with short bands at bottom 

Byfleet Machin 4p intermediate paper-tinted gum with inset band right

Byfleet Machin 42p intermediate paper-tinted gum with short band top.

Dagger Perfs on self adhesives

Look for a unusual dagger like corner perfs. This perf error is now in demand and is retailing at £100 per pair.

New Air Mail Booklets

Two new definitive stamp booklets will be available from 27th March 2003. The contents of which have been designed to make life easier for users buying stamps for international postings.

The stamps will cover international mailings to Europe and Worldwide up to 40 gr. The European stamp has a value of 53p and the worldwide stamp a value of £1.12. The booklets will also include airmail stickers.

The new European airmail issue has been confirmed with short bands at the top or bottom and the Worldwide stamp with short bands bottom . This creates another 3 new stamps.

Machins : Latest news from the Philatelic Bulletin

Up to date these are the De La Rue Machin printings on the ATN machine with the new phosphor layout. 1p, 2p, 4p, 5p, 8p, 10p, 20p, 33p, 34p, 41p, 47p, 50p, 68p and £1.00.

Also 1st class gold stamps in traditional gummed sheets and a new set of high value definitives printed in gravure (formally recess) went on sale on 1st July 03

The high values will contain a security iridon ink . Other new printings in the pipeline are all the country definitve stamps. Changes to all country stamps will take effect from 14th October.

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