Non Value Indicators

In 1989 a new type of stamp was issued. This was without a specific denomination, instead it was printed with either a 1st or 2nd class denominator. These have been named by collectors as None Value Indicated stamps. They have been issued in booklets and sheets, there are many variations to collect, including self adhesives and a European prepayment variety.

The latter has a letter E which prepays all letter to European countries up to 20 gr. NVIs were also issued in several colours including Black and dark blue, some of these also had imperforated edges on one or more sides. (More on cut perfs under perforations). Anniversary Stamps and regionals have been released recently with no value indicated. A small selection of many NVI stamps to collect are shown below.

Two new variations of  NVI have been released recently, these have a smaller Machin head and airmail chevrons incorporated into the design. These are known with short bands top or bottom.  

Picture 039 Picture 043
Picture 040 Picture 041 Picture 044
Picture 044a
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