Regional Machins

Regional Machin stamps replaced the previous Country definitives on decimalisation. They have the same Machin head as the nationals. Designed by Jeffrey Matthewís the portrait was smaller in order to incorporate the corresponding country emblem in one corner.

The post office actually call these country issues, but to to philatelists they have always been called regionals. The description of the individual emblems are as follows:

Isle of Man

Northern Ireland



The Legs of Man and the Celtic Ring.

The Hand of Ulster and Crown

The Lion of Scotland

The Dragon of Wales

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Harrison & Sons printed regional stamps up until 1981, then Waddington and Questa produced lithographic versions. Walsall Security printers took over the contract and printed the later versions in gravure. Regionals have also been issued in prestige booklets Printed by Questa and Walsall.

The Scots connection £5 booklet, Gymru Wales Booklet, a pane from the Beatrix Potter Booklet, Northern Ireland booklet, The National Trust booklet produced a pane and The Speed booklet produced a pane also. Finally a pane was issued in a Prestige booklet during the
Stamp Show 2000 , this marked the work of Jeffrey Mathews.

The Welsh regional have had the ( P) in the value tablet omitted on the later issues and in June 1999 were decommissioned (along with stamps of Scotland). Northern Ireland followed suit at a later date and now all regional countries have their own pictorial country issues, so no further Machins will appear for these countries unless special prestige booklet panes are printed in the future.                                                                                                           

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