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We have tried to design a web site that helps the hobby of philately, your comments are always welcome. We only know that we are doing something right if you the customer tells us so.

These are a few of the many referrals received. If you have any comments or suggestions (good or bad) we would like to hear them.

Congratulations !

At long last a easy to understand web site on Machin stamps without all the jargon, I have added it to my list of favorites.

 D.Lawson Florida USA

Good luck with this web site

The most informative site on Machins that I have visited, keep up the good work

G.Edge  Sunderland UK

A web site for the collector of Machins that is easy to understand.

The navigation page allows one to go straight to the heart of matter (stamps). My topic of phosphors, gums and papers were well documented.

J.Kemp (Mrs.)

Machins for dummies

A a well laid out site, concise and easy to use. A useful tool for the beginner to medium collector. I will certainly visit again on a regular basis.

Editor Frankley News

It is always a pleasure

To view new web sites and learn about other areas of philately. Your site is very well constructed and very informative. I will return soon to visit it again and learn more about this topic. Keep up the good work.

Sarah Perelli-Minetti Topicals on Stamps California USA

A great site

With all sorts of information on just about all aspects of Machins and it is well worth a visit. Congratulations on the site.

 Ron and Eunice. Australia

Machins Made Easier

Speaking as a dealer and Collector of Machin Material, I have found your site to be of a great service. It is the perfect recipe for both beginners and specialists alike.

Jack Hesketh: Premier Stamps Aberdeen Scotland

I'm always fascinated by a new Machin site

I admire the efforts to present these issues in some sort of organized way.

Michael Mills APS News & Glassine Surfer

Great job

I just got through looking at your new web site. Well put together and very informative. Easy to navigate and to get from 1 page to another.

Helen Fowler: ( Chair Person )  Internet Philatelic Dealers Association

A Primer for GB Machin Aficionados

This site offers a grade A+ tutorial of Machins

MC Strathdee, Machin Collector Canada.

Machins Made Easy

A very comprehensive review of all the subtleties of the Machin

Larry Rosenblum:

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